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CESTA Presents Hugo Lefebvre - Geopolitics of an economic crisis: subprime loans and foreclosures in the Northern San Joaquin Valley

Wednesday, 28 August 2013 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
CESTA - Godzilla Modular, Rm. 103A

Hugo Lefebvre is a visiting scholar at the Bill Lane Center for the
American West. He holds a Ph.D. in Geography and Geopolitics from the
French Institute of Geopolitics, Université Paris 8. Since 2008, his
research has focused on the northern San Joaquin Valley in California. He
studied issues of urban sprawl in Modesto for his master’s degree thesis,
and his doctoral dissertation focused on the political mechanisms and
outcomes of the subprime crisis in the northern San Joaquin Valley.

Currently, he is studying the reshaping of the Californian suburbs and
exurbs in the aftermath of the subprime crisis. His research is supported
by the Fulbright Foundation and the Palladio Foundation.