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Russian Formalism & The Digital Humanities

Schedule of Events for April 13, 2015

Stanford Humanities Center (424 Santa Teresa Street, Stanford)


9:00-9:30 Coffee/Breakfast

9:30-9:50 Franco Moretti, “Opening Remarks”

9:50-12:30 Session One: Formalist Literary Analysis Then and Now
Chair: Harsha Ram

Galin Tihanov, “Shades Of Objectivity: Russian Formalism Before And After The Digital Humanities”

Ilya Kliger, “Dynamic Archeology or Distant Reading: Literary Science between Two Formalisms”

Peter Steiner, “Divergence vs. Convergence: Moretti, Tynyanov, Jakobson”

Glen Worthey, “How ‘Digital Humanities’ is Made”


12:30-1:30 Lunch

1:30-3:30 Session Two: Russian Formalist Theory meets Digital Humanities Tools  
Chair: Michael Widner

Mark Algee-Hewitt, “The Order of Poetry: Information, Aesthetics and Jakobson’s Theory of Literary Communication”

David Birnbaum and Elise Thorsen, “Enabling the Automated Identification and Analysis of Meter and Rhyme in Russian Verse”

Matthew Jockers, “Latent Plot Analysis Using the Syuzhet Package in R”

3:30-4:00 Coffee Break

4:00-6:00 Session Three: Points of Contact - Russian Formalism and the Digital Humanities
Chair: Nariman Skakov

Igor Pil’shchikov, “The Legacy of the Moscow Linguistic Circle and the Digital Humanities Today”

Gabriella Safran, “Victor Shklovsky and Victor Chernov on Effective Words: Toward a Formalist and Quantitative Analysis of Socialist-Revolutionary Rhetoric”

Jessica Merrill, “The Verbal Mass and the Database: Defining the Text in Formalist Literary Analysis”

7:30 Dinner at MacArthur Park (27 University Ave, Palo Alto)