DLCL ATS round-up, winter & spring 2022

In almost four years at Stanford, I've never missed one of my quarterly round-ups, but March 2022 was unlike any other month of my life. When Russia invaded Ukraine at the end of February, I ended up...

Quinn Dombrowski · Jun 15, 2022

DLCL ATS round-up, fall 2021

Quinn Dombrowski Dec 16, 2021

Russian Computational Periodicals

Quinn Dombrowski Oct 19, 2021

DLCL ATS round-up, summer 2021

Quinn Dombrowski Sep 27, 2021

About DH at Stanford

The Digital Humanities are a collection of practices and approaches combining computational methods with humanistic inquiry. Stanford has been involved in the Digital Humanities (under that and other...

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Conferencing from Home: ACH 2021 and !!Con

In 2019, I wrote a blog post about the experience of going to the DH conference in Utrecht, followed by the ACH conference in Pittsburgh. Two years later, it's time for another ACH write-up, with a ve...

Quinn Dombrowski · Jul 28, 2021

DLCL ATS round-up, spring 2021

Spring quarter gave me the first chance in a long while to take some time off. The first week of the quarter was my kids' spring break, which we spent in a cabin in the woods near Mt. Lassen with just...

Quinn Dombrowski · Jul 09, 2021

DLCL ATS round-up, winter 2021

Winter quarter was a time of consolidation and slow progress, without much to share by way of exciting new developments. I worked on a lot of things that I expect will bear fruit down the road, but I...

Quinn Dombrowski · Mar 24, 2021

DLCL ATS round-up, fall 2020

2020 was the first year I taught in the fall -- and I'm very glad to have arranged teaching that way, so I have the rest of the year to continue supporting DLCL students on their projects. Teaching e...

Quinn Dombrowski · Jan 11, 2021

Animal Crossing: New Digital Humanities

This talk series hosted by Quinn Dombrowski (DLCL ATS at Stanford) and Liz Grumbach (Arizona State University) brings together DH scholars from around the world in the virtual space of Animal Crossing...

Quinn Dombrowski · Oct 06, 2020

DLCL ATS round-up, summer 2020

It’s hard to believe that fall is already here. A couple weeks of virtual first grade have given me some time to start preparing for teaching my non-English DH course this fall, but as usual, a lot of...

Quinn Dombrowski · Sep 13, 2020