DLCL ATS round-up, spring 2024

This spring was busy, between making progress on projects, teaching Data Visualization with Textiles, and laying the the groundwork for next year. Textile Makerspace The Textile Makerspace continues t...

Quinn Dombrowski · June 17, 2024

The joy of maximalist pedagogy in DH

Quinn Dombrowski May 17, 2024

DLCL ATS round-up, winter 2024

Quinn Dombrowski March 28, 2024

DOIs for DSC

Quinn Dombrowski January 30, 2024

About DH at Stanford

The Digital Humanities are a collection of practices and approaches combining computational methods with humanistic inquiry. Stanford has been involved in the Digital Humanities (under that and other...

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DLCL ATS round-up, fall 2023

This fall, I got my first experience teaching a large class, helped launch a major new Unicode project, and got excited about the possibility of weaving as a medium for data visualization. Textile Mak...

Quinn Dombrowski · December 20, 2023

Geeking Out at Face/Interface 2023

Fonts, like fountain pens, are a locus of intense, niche geekery — one I've only ever dabbled in, but where I can imagine my life being different very if I stumbled into digital typography at the righ...

Quinn Dombrowski · December 13, 2023

How to Write an ADHO DH Conference Proposal in 2023

Four years ago I wrote a guide to writing DH conference submissions, a blog post that got a fair bit of traction and seems to be passed around every time there's a new CFP. The problem is, it's not go...

Quinn Dombrowski · November 14, 2023

AI class final project proposal

Week 6 of "Future Text: AI in Languages, Literatures, and Cultures" has me approaching more familiar ground than the quarter so far. The class, like my non-English DH course, has a final pro...

Quinn Dombrowski · November 8, 2023

Ukrainian Memes at 'AI at IA'

On October 12th, I presented the SUCHO Meme Wall at the Internet Archive with Slavic department grad student Alyssa Virker, as part of the "AI at IA" event. The Meme Wall project is led by A...

Quinn Dombrowski · October 19, 2023

DLCL ATS round-up, summer 2023

I've never needed summer as badly as I did after this spring, and this summer's conferences, family time, and relatively quiet lulls were just what I was looking for. Textile Makerspace Summer brought...

Quinn Dombrowski · September 26, 2023