Deformance and the Library Strategic Directions

The Library Strategic Directions arrived shortly before last week's all-staff meeting: a single slide formatted into four columns, each offering a big-picture statement, a couple sentences of italiciz...

Quinn Dombrowski · September 20, 2023

Finding 'close enough' text

Quinn Dombrowski September 7, 2023

Coming to Terms with IDEs

Quinn Dombrowski August 23, 2023

DLCL ATS round-up, spring 2023

Quinn Dombrowski June 21, 2023

About DH at Stanford

The Digital Humanities are a collection of practices and approaches combining computational methods with humanistic inquiry. Stanford has been involved in the Digital Humanities (under that and other...

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New Horizons in Digital Humanities and Cultural Data Science

From May 29-June 2, the Bachelor of Arts in Humanities and Digital Technologies program at the University of Hong Kong hosted a workshop on New Horizons in Digital Humanities and Cultural Data Science...

Quinn Dombrowski · June 14, 2023

SUCHO week

The week of May 8th was the culmination of this year's DLCL "Cultural Heritage at War" research unit, bringing the co-founders and several volunteers from Saving Ukrainian Cultural Heritage...

Quinn Dombrowski · May 18, 2023

Spring AI and Pedagogy Workshop

At the beginning of spring quarter, Laura Wittman and I organized a three-part workshop on AI and pedagogy. Workshop 1 (slides available here) began with an explanation of what large language models l...

Quinn Dombrowski · May 1, 2023

DLCL ATS round-up, winter 2023

Winter 2023 was the quarter that everything came together for the Textile Makerspace, from infrastructure to staffing to events. A lot of things still feel uncertain in the broader DH-sphere, from soc...

Quinn Dombrowski · March 31, 2023

Academic Mastodon Survey, November 2022

In late November 2022, I drafted an email in English to 49 Mastodon server admins, looking for academically-oriented instances on various lists of extant servers, asking if they would be willing to fi...

Quinn Dombrowski · January 30, 2023

DLCL ATS round-up, fall 2022

Fall 2022 was a whirlwind of travel -- both personal and for work -- and promising developments for the Textile Makerspace. SUCHO also continued, with a set of in-person meetings in Europe, and new co...

Quinn Dombrowski · December 20, 2022