Academic Mastodon Survey, November 2022

In late November 2022, I drafted an email in English to 49 Mastodon server admins, looking for academically-oriented instances on various lists of extant servers, asking if they would be willing to fi...

Quinn Dombrowski · January 30, 2023

DLCL ATS round-up, fall 2022

Quinn Dombrowski December 20, 2022

Digital Humanities Across Borders (DLCL 204)

Quinn Dombrowski November 28, 2022

About DH at Stanford

The Digital Humanities are a collection of practices and approaches combining computational methods with humanistic inquiry. Stanford has been involved in the Digital Humanities (under that and other...

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DLCL ATS round-up, summer 2022

Summer 2022 brought with it some major organizational changes in the library. Nonetheless, the work continues: with SUCHO, getting back to everything else I was doing last winter, and taking on additi...

Quinn Dombrowski · September 19, 2022

A Day in the Life of a DLCL ATS

With a hard-to-explain job title like "Academic Technology Specialist", I've often gotten the question, "What's a normal day like for you?" Every day is different, but yesterday fe...

Quinn Dombrowski · August 30, 2022

Welcome Anne Ladyem McDivitt, New History ATS

The Department of History and the Center for Interdisciplinary Digital Research (CIDR), part of Research Data Services at the Stanford Libraries, are excited to announce that Anne Ladyem McDivitt will...

Quinn Dombrowski · July 6, 2022

DLCL ATS round-up, winter & spring 2022

In almost four years at Stanford, I've never missed one of my quarterly round-ups, but March 2022 was unlike any other month of my life. When Russia invaded Ukraine at the end of February, I ended up...

Quinn Dombrowski · June 15, 2022

DLCL ATS round-up, fall 2021

This fall was not at all what I planned. The DH Role-Playing Game class I'd spent 18 months planning for and thinking about only had one student enroll. That bad surprise (which will, in its time, fin...

Quinn Dombrowski · December 16, 2021

Russian Computational Periodicals

PI: Katherine Hill Reischl, Slavic Languages and Literatures This ever-growing project seeks to transform the complexities of early Soviet journals’ graphic environments into useable data. The current...

Quinn Dombrowski · October 19, 2021