Women & Gender Minorities in DH

Quinn DombrowskiApril 17, 2019
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Date/Time: Wednesday, 29 May 2019 - 4:00pm to Friday, 31 May 2019 - 12:00pmLocation: CESTAEvent Link: Women and Gender Minorities in DH workshop

“Women & Gender Minorities in Digital Humanities” highlights and celebrates the significant scholarly contributions of women and gender minorities in interdisciplinary Digital and Computational Humanities, while serving as a forum to propose, and advocate for, cultural changes to support all women and gender minorities in making their own impactful contributions to DH.

Our main questions for the collegium are: how might our understanding of women and gender minorities in DH be enhanced by taking a more deliberate set of perspectives? What kinds of projects are women and gender minorities developing and directing? What women and gender minorities are themselves the subjects of researchers’ attentions? What fresh light is cast upon the “canon,” our methods and approaches, by considering the work of scholars who are often overlooked and marginalized by the dominant discourses? How can women and gender minorities benefit from the social and intellectual connections to be made through conversation and scholarly exchange?

This is the fifth Text Technologies Collegium at Stanford, and this year it is co-hosted with CIDR. Our speakers include Deb Verhoeven (our keynote speaker), Miriam Posner, Isabel Galina Russell, Anne Cong-Huyen, Jacqueline Wernimont, Alice Staveley, Giovanna Ceserani, Pip Willcox, Alessandra Celati, Rita Lucarelli, Marisa Parham, Mar Hicks, Laura McGrath. Quinn Dombrowski will host a workshop following up on the work of the DH-WoGeM conversations (http://dhwogem.org).