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DH Reading Group: "Macroanalysis"

Date/Time: Tuesday, 3 September 2013 - 12:00pm to 1:30pmLocation: Green Library - SSRC Our occasional DH-themed reading group will discuss former Stanford DHer Matt Jockers's new book "Macroanaly...

Glen Worthey · August 14, 2013

Habemus websitum!

We Stanford Digital Humanists (a.k.a. DHers), scattered as we are across campus, have long talked about uniting under the banner of a collective website. Now we have: here it is, and here we are. We'...

Glen Worthey · August 14, 2013

About DH at Stanford

The Digital Humanities are a collection of practices and approaches combining computational methods with humanistic inquiry. Stanford has been involved in the Digital Humanities (under that and other...

Jacqueline Hettel · July 3, 2013